Entering the Awards

Entering the Artisan Cheese Awards

The Artisan Cheese Awards welcomes entries from all UK & Irish Cheesemakers who produce cheese commercially.


There are rules for entry: Download Rules for Entry

To download an entry form click here

Entry Form Word Version                        Entry Form PDF Version

Irish Entry Form Word                                Irish Entry Form PDF

Classes : There are 20 Classes which include Fresh, Soft, Semi-Soft, Hard, Blue, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Vegetarian, Organic, Raw Milk, Farmhouse, Raw Milk Farmhouse, Territorial, Protected Food Name, New Cheese, Washed Rind, Smoked, Flavoured and  Affinage.

Click here for more detail on Classes

Complete the form by filling in your details. Then enter your cheeses chosing which class/es you wish to enter.  The same cheese may be entered into more than one class.  You may also enter more than one cheese into the same class. Email off the entry form and ensure payment.  Cost for each entry is £12 (12 Euros). So a cheese entered into say Class 1 and Class 7 with a differenet cheese also entered into  Class 1 would be 3 entries ie £36.

You will receive labels and instructions on sending your cheese to the Awards.  Please read these carefully.

Instructions for Sending Entries UK

Instructions for Sending Cheese Ireland

See also Terms & Conditions for Entry