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  • Rules
  • The Artisan Cheese Awards is open to all cheesemakers in the UK & Ireland producing cheese which is sold commercially.
  • Cheeses entered must either be currently available for sale or available for sale during the Awarding year. The Cheese must have been made from milk by the cheesemaker who is entering the Awards.
  • You will need to be a registered food business with a local authority or similar and have a HACCP plan or similar that covers the production and supply of the cheese you have entered.
  • Where relevant an allergen declaration must be supplied with each cheese (eg flavoured cheeses) entered in the Awards for allergens other than dairy products – which is assumed for cheeses.
  • Entries must comply with the rules for the Class in which they are applying.
  • The Entrant must ensure the safe packaging, transport and delivery of cheese to the venue and on time. Temperature sensitive cheeses must be packed in an insulated container with frozen ice packs. The cheeses must be packed securely so they don’t move about or rattle, as movement leads to possible damage. The container must be sealed and labelled.
  • Cheese can be delivered in person or sent with an appropriate Courier. We advise putting the consignment on a timed delivery to ensure it arrives on time.
  • The rules for labelling and packaging must be observed. The cheeses themselves must not contain any identifying marks which would directly link your cheese to your business. An identifying label of the cheesemaker should however be placed on the outside packaging.
  • The cheeses MUSTbe delivered to the venue on the date and time specified on the entry form.
  • All Cheeses are judged blind on plain white polystyrene plates or trays without garnish or decoration.
  • All Cheeses will be disposed of by the Organiser after the Event.
  • The Judges’ assessment notes will be passed on to the Entrants but are for the guidance of Entrants only and must not be made public or revealed to third parties.
  • Entrants whose cheeses have won awards may use the Artisan Cheese Awards logo in their own publicity.  The logo may only be used for the Cheeses which have received an award and must mention the year of the award. The Cheese which won the Award MUST be mentioned underneath the logo. The Artisan Cheese Awards logo may NOT be used to universally promote a business. The logo may only be used in relation to the Cheese (& year) which received the award.
  • Judges may not submit entries into the competition.
  • No correspondence may be entered into after the competition.
  • The verdict of the Chairman of the Judges is final.