Britain’s Best Cheese: Hebden Goat

Britains Best Artisan Cheese

Hebden Goat from Tenacres Cheese

Hebden Goat from Tenacres Cheese has been crowned Supreme Champion at the prestigious Artisan Cheese Awards.

The Cheese was also Winner of the Best Soft Cheese Class and Winner of the Farmhouse Cheese Class.


The dairy is based in Hebden Bridge a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, Run by just Gillian Clough herself, the dairy consists of a small herd of 14 goats.

Hebden Goat is a lactic cheese made from raw goats milk which is aged for around 4 weeks. The small round ten cm high cylinders of cheese.

The cheese is made from unpasteurised goats milk which is aged for around 4 weeks and has a wrinkled creamy coloured appearance.

It has a melt in the mouth smoothness with a flavour that develops and then lingers, light earthy mushroomy flavours with no hint of bitterness.

Results – Main Awards

Supreme ChampionHebden GoatTenacres Cheese
Reserve ChampionPevensey BluePevensey Cheese Company
Best Small ProducerCote Hill SnowdropCote Hill Farm
Best Micro ProducerSinodum HillNorton & Yarrow Cheese
Best EnglishYorkshire Pecorino FrescoYorkshire Pecorino Cheese Ltd
Best Irish CheeseCarrigaline Truffle CheeseCarrigaline Farmhouse Cheese
Best ScottishAged GoudaConnage Highland Dairy
Best Welsh CheeseBrefu BachCosyn Cymru
Best StiltonStiltonLong Clawson

Results – Classes

ClassClass DescriptionTrophyCheeseCheesemaker
1FreshClass WinnerGlaston TileWhite Lake Cheese
2SoftClass WinnerHebden GoatTenacres Cheese
3Semi-SoftClass WinnerYorkshire Pecorino FrescoYorkshire Pecorino Cheese Ltd
4HardClass WinnerPoacher 50Lincolnshire Poacher
5BlueClass WinnerPevensey BluePevensey Cheese Company
6CowClass WinnerMrs Kirkhams Mild Creamy LancsMrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese
7SheepClass WinnerSeven Sisters w Hebridean seaweedHigh Weald Dairy
8GoatClass WinnerSinodun HillNorton & Yarrow Cheese
9VegetarianClass WinnerWild Garlic YargLynher Daries Cheese Company Ltd
10OrganicClass WinnerAged GoudaConnage Highland Dairy
11Raw MilkClass WinnerLincolnshire PoacherLincolnshire Poacher
12FarmhouseClass WinnerHebden GoatTenacres Cheese
13Raw Milk FarmhouseClass WinnerCote Hill SnowdropCote Hill Farm
14TerritorialClass WinnerSparkenhoe Red LeicesterLeicestershire Handmade Cheese Co
15PFNClass WinnerDovedale Blue PDOHartington Creamery
16New CheeseClass WinnerCote Hill SnowdropCote Hill Farm
17Washed RindClass WinnerCarrig BruSheridans Cheesemongers
18SmokedClass WinnerLyburn SmokedLyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
19FlavouredClass WinnerCarrigaline Truffle CheeseCarrigaline Farmhouse Cheese

Dr Matthew O’Callaghan OBE