British Isle’s Best Cheese: Templegall, Ireland

The 2024 Artisan Cheese Awards

Templegall from Hegarty Cheese in Co. Cork, Ireland
 named Artisan Cheese Awards Supreme Champion

An Alpine-style cheese called Templegall, made near the city of Cork in Ireland, has been named Supreme Champion at Artisan Cheese Awards, having risen to the top among a record number of entries into this year’s competition. Announced on Saturday 18 May at the Cheesemakers Candle-lit Supper at St Mary’s Church in Melton Mowbray, as part of the Artisan Cheese Fair, this achievement comes just weeks after Templegall won the biennial Irish Cheese Awards for the second time in a row.

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Press – 2024 Artisan Cheese Awards Results

Trophy Winners

Trophies - 2024 Artisan Cheese Awards
Supreme ChampionHegarty CheeseTemplegallWhitechurch, Co Cork, Ireland
Reserve ChampionHolden Farm DairyHafod CheddarCeredigion, Wales
Small ProducerBroughton Hall DairyPyghtleStoneham Aspell, Suffolk
Micro ProducerWacky Wedge Cheese CompanyYr AfrBethseda, Wales
Best English CheeseJ A & E Montgomery LtdOgleshieldSomerset, England
Best Irish CheeseHegarty CheeseTemplegallWhitechurch, Co Cork, Ireland
Best Scottish CheeseErrington CheeseBlackmountLanark, Scotland
Best Welsh CheeseHolden Farm DairyHafod CheddarCeredigion, Wales
Results By Class
TrophyClass NoClassNameCheesemakerCheese
Class Winner1FreshJ F Temple and Son LtdWighton
Reserve Class Winner1FreshBlackwoods Cheese CompanyGraceburn Original
Reserve Class Winner1FreshCheese on the WeyColwey
Class Winner2SoftBath Soft CheeseBath Soft Cheese
Reserve Class Winner2SoftCharles Martell & Son LtdSlack ma Girdle 
Reserve Class Winner2SoftCooleeney Farmhouse CheeseGortnamona
Class Winner3Semi-SoftDurrus Cheese LtdDurrus Og
Reserve Class Winner3Semi-SoftBoyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBoyne Valley Bán
Reserve Class Winner3Semi-SoftWhite Wood Dairy LtdSt.Helena
Class Winner4HardHegarty CheeseTemplegall
Reserve Class Winner4HardAlsop & WalkerMayfield
Reserve Class Winner4HardKilleen Farmhouse CheeseKilleen Goat Mature
Class Winner5BlueVillage Maid Cheese LtdBarkham Blue
Reserve Class Winner5BlueCashel Farmhouse CheesemakersCashel Blue
Reserve Class Winner5BlueJ F Temple and Son LtdBinham Blue
Class Winner6CowCoolea CheeseCoolea Extramature
Reserve Class Winner6HardCoolattin Cheddar Mount Leinster
Reserve Class Winner6CowTrethowen's DairyGorwydd Caerphilly
Class Winner7EweYorkshire Pecorino Cheese LtdHoly Ewe
Reserve Class Winner7SheepCashel Farmhouse CheesemakersCrozier Blue
Reserve Class Winner7EweWhite Lake Cheese LtdThe English Pecorino
Class Winner8GoatSt Tola Goat CheeseSt Tola 500g Ash Log
Reserve Class Winner8GoatBoyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseRathkenny
Reserve Class Winner8GoatWacky Wedge Cheese CompanyYr Afr
Class Winner9VegetarianLynher Daries Cheese CompanyWild Garlic Yarg
Reserve Class Winner9VegetarianGalway CheeseDunmore
Reserve Class Winner9VegetarianWhite Lake Cheese LtdMichael's Mount
Class Winner10OrganicFeltham's Farm LtdLa Fresca Margarita
Reserve Class Winner10OrganicCaws Teifi CheeseOrganic Teifi Heritage
Reserve Class Winner10OrganicHolden Farm DairyHafod Cheddar
Class Winner11Raw MilkWhite Wood Dairy LtdSt.Helena
Reserve Class Winner11Raw MilkCaws Teifi CheeseSaval
Reserve Class Winner11Raw MilkTrethowen's DairyPtchfork Cheddar
Class Winner12FarmhouseBoyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBoyne Valley Blue
Reserve Class Winner12FarmhouseBoyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBoyne Valley Bán
Reserve Class Winner12FarmhouseHolden Farm DairyHafod Cheddar
Class Winner13Rawmilk FarmhouseSt Tola Goat CheeseSt Tola 1kg Log
Reserve Class Winner13Raw Milk FarmhouseWhite Wood Dairy LtdSt Jude
Reserve Class Winner13Raw Milk FarmhouseWhite Wood Dairy LtdSt.Helena
Class Winner14British TerritorialHolden Farm DairyHafod Cheddar
Reserve Class Winner14British TerritorialLeicestershire Handmade Cheese CoSparkenhoe Red Leicester
Reserve Class Winner14British TerritorialTrethowen's DairyGorwydd Caerphilly
Class Winner15Potected Food NameStaffordshire Cheese CompanyStaffordshire
Reserve Class Winner15Potected Food NameCharles Martell & Son LtdSingle Gloucester 
Reserve Class Winner15Potected Food NameStaffordshire Cheese CompanyDovedale Blue
Class Winner16New CheeseYorkshire Pecorino Cheese LtdChevin Goat
Reserve Class Winner16New CheeseBroughton Hall DairyPyghtle
Reserve Class Winner16New CheeseWhite Lake Cheese LtdSmoKing of the Castle
Class Winner17Wash RindJ A & E Montgomery LtdOgleshield
Class Winner17Wash RindSt James CheeseSt James
Reserve Class Winner17Washed RindGubbeen Dairy LtdGubbeen
Class Winner18SmokedNorthumberland Cheese CompanyChesterwood
Reserve Class Winner18SmokedCarrigaline Farmhouse CheeseCarrigaline Beech Smoked Cheese
Reserve Class Winner18SmokedCaws Teifi CheeseTeifi Oak-Smoked
Class Winner19FlavouredStaffordshire Cheese CompanyStaffordshire Sage
Reserve Class Winner19FlavouredIsle of Wight Cheese CompanyBorthwood
Reserve Class Winner19FlavouredKilleen Farmhouse CheeseKilleen Goat with Italian Herbs
Class Winner20AffinageSheridans CheesemongersDrunken Saint
Reserve Class Winner20AffinageSheridans CheesemongersCarrig Bru
Reserve Class Winner20AffinageWhite Lake Cheese LtdEquinox
Class Winner21StiltonLong ClawsonBlue Stilton 2
Reserve Class Winner21StiltonLong ClawsonBlue Stilton 3
Reserve Class Winner21StiltonTuxford and TebbuttTuxford and Tebbutt 2


Trophy Winners 2024 Artisan Cheese Awards

Award Winners

CheesemakerAwardCheeseClass NoClassName
Alsop & WalkerGoldMayfield4Hard
Alsop & WalkerSilverCheese Makers Special4Hard
Alsop & WalkerBronzeLord London3Semi-Soft
Bath Soft CheeseGoldBath Soft Cheese2Soft
Bath Soft CheeseSilverBath Blue5Blue
Bath Soft CheeseBronzeThe Merry Wyfe17Wash Rind
Blackwoods Cheese CompanyGoldGraceburn Original1Fresh
Blackwoods Cheese CompanyGoldHever17Wash Rind
Blackwoods Cheese CompanyGoldHever6Cow
Blackwoods Cheese CompanyBronzeHever2Soft
Blackwoods Cheese CompanyBronzeEdmund Tew6Cow
Bluebell FallsBronzeBluebell Goats Honey Garlic & Thyme19Flavoured
Bo Rua FarmGoldBo Rua Farm Gold6Cow
Bo Rua FarmSilverBo Rua Farm Gold12Farmhouse
Bo Rua FarmBronzeBo Rua Farm Gold4Hard
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseGoldBoyne Valley Bán3Semi-Soft
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseGoldBoyne Valley Blue12Farmhouse
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseGoldRathkenny8Goat
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseGoldBoyne Valley Bán12Farmhouse
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseSilverRathkenny12Farmhouse
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseSilverBoyne Valley Bán8Goat
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBronzeBoyne Valley Blue5Blue
Broughton Hall DairyGoldPyghtle16New Cheese
Broughton Hall DairyBronzePyghtle7Ewe
Burts CheeseBronzeBurt's Blue5Blue
Burts CheeseBronzeBurt's Blue Mini5Blue
Cais na Tire Farmhouse CheeseBronzeCais na Tire Sheep’s Cheese7Sheep
Cais na Tire Farmhouse CheeseBronzeCais na Tire (Gouda)7Sheep
Carrigaline Farmhouse CheeseSilverCarrigaline Beech Smoked Cheese18Smoked
Carrigaline Farmhouse CheeseBronzeCarrigaline Dillisk Seaweed Cheese19Flavoured
Cashel Farmhouse CheesemakersGoldCashel Blue5Blue
Cashel Farmhouse CheesemakersGoldCrozier Blue7Sheep
Caws Rhyd y Delyn CheeseSilverMon Las5Blue
Caws Teifi CheeseGoldSaval11Raw Milk
Caws Teifi CheeseSilverCeltic Promise17Wash Rind
Caws Teifi CheeseSilverTraditional Welsh Caerphilly PGI15Potected Food Name
Caws Teifi CheeseSilverOrganic Teifi Heritage10Organic
Caws Teifi CheeseBronzeTeifi Oak-Smoked18Smoked
Charles Martell & Son LtdGoldSingle Gloucester 15Potected Food Name
Charles Martell & Son LtdGoldSlack ma Girdle 2Soft
Charles Martell & Son LtdSilverStinking Bishop 17Wash Rind
Cheese on the WeyGoldColwey1Fresh
Cheesemakers of CanterburySilverEllies1Fresh
Cheesemakers of CanterburyBronzeDargate Dumpy7Ewe
Cheesemakers of CanterburyBronzeRamsey7Ewe
Coachyard Creamery TheBronzeVolesdale Young3Semi-Soft
Connage Highland DairySilverCheddar4Hard
Connage Highland DairySilverAged Gouda9Vegetarian
Connage Highland DairyBronzeAged Gouda10Organic
Coolattin Cheddar GoldMount Leinster6Hard
Coolattin Cheddar SilverMount Leinster13Rawmilk Farmhouse
Coolea CheeseGoldCoolea Extramature6Cow
Coolea CheeseGoldCoolea Extramature4Hard
Coolea CheeseSilverCoolea Extramature12Farmhouse
Cooleeney Farmhouse CheeseGoldGortnamona2Soft
Cooleeney Farmhouse CheeseSilverGleann Óir8Goat
Corleggy CheesesSilverCorleggy8Goat
Cornish Cheese CoSilverCornish Rudh-velyn5Blue
Cornish Cheese CoSilverCornish Brie2Soft
Cosyn CymruSilverBrefu Wen1Fresh
Cosyn CymruSilverCaws Chwaral7Ewe
Cosyn CymruSilverCaws Chwaral11Raw Milk
Cote Hill FarmGoldCote Hill Lindum17Wash Rind
Cote Hill FarmSilverCote Hill Blue9Vegetarian
Cote Hill FarmSilverCote Hill Snowdrop2Soft
Cote Hill FarmSilverCote Hill White1Fresh
Cropwell Bishop CreameryBronzeClassic Blue Stilton21Stilton
Dartmountain CheeseBronzeMeeny Hill Blue9Vegetarian
Durrus Cheese LtdGoldDurrus Og3Semi-Soft
Durrus Cheese LtdSilverDurrus Large17Washed Rind
Eldwick CreamerySilverBrie by Gum2Soft
Errington CheeseSilverBlackmount2Soft
Errington CheeseSilverElrick Log8Goat
Errington CheeseBronzeCorra Linn13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Ethical DairyBronzeBarlocco3Semi-Soft
Ethical DairyBronzeCarrick13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Feltham's Farm LtdGoldLa Fresca Margarita10Organic
Feltham's Farm LtdGoldLa Fresca Margarita1Fresh
Fen Farm DairyGoldBaron Bigod2Soft
Fen Farm DairyBronzeBaron Bigod6Cow
Fen Farm DairyBronzeBaron Bigod12Farmhouse
Fielding CottageSilverWensum White2Soft
Fielding CottageBronzeWensum White3Semi-Soft
FW Read & Sons LtdSilverLincolnshire Poacher6Cow
FW Read & Sons LtdSilverLincolnshire Poacher4Hard
FW Read & Sons LtdSilverPoacher 5013Raw Milk Farmhouse
FW Read & Sons LtdSilverPoacher 5012Farmhouse
FW Read & Sons LtdBronzePoacher 506Cow
FW Read & Sons LtdBronzePoacher 5011Raw Milk
Galway CheeseGoldDunmore9Vegetarian
Galway CheeseSilverGalway "Sinan"6Cow
Galway CheeseSilverGalway "Tom"9Vegetarian
Galway CheeseBronzeGalway "Tom"8Goat
Godsells CheeseGoldSingle Gloucester15Protected Food Name
Godsells CheeseBronzeDouble Gloucester14British Territorial
Gubbeen Dairy LtdGoldGubbeen17Washed Rind
H S BourneSilverBourne’s Clothbound Cheshire 4Hard
H S BourneSilverMrs Bourne’s Mature Cheshire 6Cow
H S BourneBronzeBourne’s Clothbound Cheshire 6Cow
Hamm Tunn Fine FoodsBronzeNorthamptonshire Blue5Blue
Hartington CreameryGoldPeakland White 6Cow
Hartington CreamerySilverDevonshire Gold5Blue
Hegarty CheeseGoldTemplegall4Hard
Hegarty CheeseGoldTemplegall13Rawmilk Farmhouse
Hegarty CheeseBronzeTemplegall6Cow
High Weald DairyBronzeSister Sarah8Goat
High Weald DairyBronzeSeven Sisters with Hebridean Seaweed7Ewe
High Weald DairyBronzeSussex Blossom10Organic
High Weald DairyBronzeOrganic Sussex Velvet17Wash Rind
Holden Farm DairyGoldHafod Cheddar14British Territorial
Holden Farm DairyGoldHafod Cheddar12Farmhouse
Holden Farm DairyGoldHafod Cheddar10Organic
Holden Farm DairySilverHafod Cheddar13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Holden Farm DairyBronzeHafod Cheddar11Raw Milk
Isle of Mull CheeseSilverHebridean Blue6Cow
Isle of Mull CheeseSilverHebridean Blue5Blue
Isle of Mull CheeseBronzeHebridean Blue12Farmhouse
Isle of Mull CheeseBronzeHebridean Blue13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Isle of Mull CheeseBronzeIsle of Mull6Cow
Isle of Sark CheeseBronzeSark Brie16New Cheese
Isle of Wight Cheese CompanyGoldBorthwood19Flavoured
Isle of Wight Cheese CompanyBronzeIsle of Wight Blue5Blue
Isle of Wight Cheese CompanyBronzeIsle of Wight Blue9Vegetarian
J A & E Montgomery LtdGoldOgleshield17Wash Rind
J A & E Montgomery LtdSilverMontgomery's Mature Cheddar13Raw Milk Farmhouse
J A & E Montgomery LtdBronzeMontgomery's Mature Cheddar12Farmhouse
J F Temple and Son LtdGoldWighton1Fresh
J F Temple and Son LtdGoldBinham Blue5Blue
J F Temple and Son LtdSilverWells Alpine6Cow
J F Temple and Son LtdSilverWells Alpine9Vegetarian
J F Temple and Son LtdBronzeCopys Cloud2Soft
Keen's Cheddar LtdGoldKeen's Mature Cheddar13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Keen's Cheddar LtdSilverKeen's Vintage cheddar 14British Territorial
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseGoldKilleen Goatmature4Hard
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseSilverKilleen Goat with Italian Herbs19Flavoured
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseSilverKilleen Goatmature12Farmhouse
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseBronzeKilleen Goat8Goat
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseBronzeKilleen Goat12Farmhouse
Kylemore Farmhouse CheeseSilverKylemore Blossom6Cow
Kylemore Farmhouse CheeseBronzeCoolfin12Farmhouse
Kylemore Farmhouse CheeseBronzeCoolfin6Cow
Kylemore Farmhouse CheeseBronzeKylemore Blossom12Farmhouse
Leicestershire Handmade Cheese CoGoldSparkenhoe Red Leicester14British Territorial
Leicestershire Handmade Cheese CoBronzeSparkenhoe Red Leicester13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Leitrim Hill CreameryGoldCnoc Liatroma 1Fresh
Leitrim Hill CreamerySilverCnoc Liatroma 2Soft
Leitrim Hill CreamerySilverSliabh An Iarainn2Soft
Leitrim Hill CreamerySilverSliabh An Iarainn1Fresh
Leitrim Hill CreameryBronzeAghaslane8Goat
Long ClawsonGoldBlue Stilton 221Stilton
Long ClawsonSilverBlue Stilton 321Stilton
Lost Valley Dairy and CreameryBronzeSobhriste4Hard
Lost Valley Dairy and CreameryBronzeCarraignamuc6Hard
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseSilverOld Winchester4Hard
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseSilverStoney Cross6Cow
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseBronzeOld Winchester12Farmhouse
Lynher Daries Cheese CompanyGoldWild Garlic Yarg9Vegetarian
Lynher Daries Cheese CompanyGoldCornish Kern6Cow
Lynher Daries Cheese CompanySilverStithians4Hard
Lynher Daries Cheese CompanySilverCornish Yarg3Semi-Soft
Macroom Buffalo CheeseGoldMacroom Buffalo Bocconcini 1Fresh
Macroom Buffalo CheeseGoldMacroom Buffalo Greek Style 1Fresh
Macroom Buffalo CheeseGoldMacroom Buffalomozzarella1Fresh
Macroom Buffalo CheeseGoldMacroom Buffalo Ricotta1Fresh
Macroom Buffalo CheeseSilverMacroom Buffaloumi1Fresh
Marlow Cheese Company, TheBronzeCygnet2Soft
Marlow Cheese Company, TheBronzeBucks Blue5Blue
Marlow Cheese Company, TheBronzeBisham2Soft
Marlow Cheese Company, TheBronzeBucks Blue6Cow
Mikes Fancy CheeseGoldYoung Buck6Cow
Milkwood Artisans LtdSilverBarncliffe Truffled 19Flavoured
Milkwood Artisans LtdBronzeBarncliffe Brie2Soft
Monkland CheesemakersSilverBlue Monk11Raw Milk
Monkland CheesemakersBronzeLittle Hereford11Raw Milk
Monkland CheesemakersBronzeBlue Monk5Blue
Northumberland Cheese CompanyGoldChesterwood18Smoked
Northumberland Cheese CompanySilverElsdon 8Goat
Norton and Yarrow CheeseSilverBrightwell Ash8Goat
Padstow Cheese Company LimitedGoldEle 1Fresh
Padstow Cheese Company LimitedSilverChipotle Chilli - Fresh Creamy Cheese19Flavoured
Padstow Cheese Company LimitedBronzePotted Lemon & Thyme - Triple Cream Cheese 19Flavoured
Padstow Cheese Company LimitedBronzeEle 6Cow
Pevensey Cheese Company LimitedSilverPevensey Blue5Blue
Quickes CheeseBronzeQuickes Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar12Farmhouse
Quickes CheeseBronzeQuicke's Goat's Milk Clothbound Cheese8Goat
Sheridans CheesemongersGoldDrunken Saint17Washed Rind
Sheridans CheesemongersSilverCarrig Bru6Cow
Sheridans CheesemongersSilverDrunken Saint20Affinage
Sheridans CheesemongersBronzeCarrig Bru17Washed Rind
Sheridans CheesemongersBronzeCarrig Bru20Affinage
Sheridans CheesemongersBronzeDrunken Saint12Farmhouse
St James CheeseGoldSt James17Wash Rind
St James CheeseSilverSt Sundays9Vegetarian
St James CheeseSilverSt Sundays6Cow
St James CheeseSilverSt Sundays16New Cheese
St James CheeseSilverSt Sundays3Semi-Soft
St James CheeseSilverHolbrook4Hard
St James CheeseBronzeRavensworth9Vegetarian
St James CheeseBronzeSt James3Semi-Soft
St Tola Goat CheeseGoldSt Tola 500g Ash Log8Goat
St Tola Goat CheeseGoldSt Tola Karst13Rawmilk Farmhouse
Staffordshire Cheese CompanyGoldStaffordshire 15Potected Food Name
Staffordshire Cheese CompanyGoldDovedale Blue15Potected Food Name
Staffordshire Cheese CompanyGoldStaffordshire Sage19Flavoured
Stichelton Dairy Ltd CheeseSilverStichelton13Raw Milk Farmhouse
Stichelton Dairy Ltd CheeseBronzeStichelton5Blue
Suffolk Farmhouse CheesesBronzeSuffolk Blue2Soft
Thornby Moor DairyGoldFresh Goat's Curd1Fresh
Thornby Moor DairySilverBlue Whinnow5Blue
Ticklemore Cheese DairySilverBrunswick Blue 5Blue
Torpenhow Organic CheeseSilverTrusmadoor14
Torpenhow Organic CheeseBronzeDarling Howe2
Trethowen's DairyGoldPtchfork Cheddar11Raw Milk
Trethowen's DairyGoldGorwydd Caerphilly14British Territorial
Trethowen's DairyGoldGorwydd Caerphilly6Cow
Trethowen's DairyGoldPtchfork Cheddar14British Territorial
Trethowen's DairyBronzeGorwydd Caerphilly3Semi-Soft
Trethowen's DairyBronzePtchfork Cheddar4Hard
Trethowen's DairyBronzePtchfork Cheddar6Cow
Tuxford and TebbuttSilverTuxford and Tebbutt 221Stilton
Velvet CloudSilverCloonbook Cheese12Farmhouse
Velvet CloudBronzeRockfield Sheep's Cheese12Farmhouse
Village Maid Cheese LtdGoldBarkham Blue5Blue
Village Maid Cheese LtdSilverMaida Vale17Wash Rind
Village Maid Cheese LtdBronzeWigmore7Ewe
Wacky Wedge Cheese CompanyGoldYr Afr8Goat
Wacky Wedge Cheese CompanySilverYr Afr2Soft
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldLittle She2Soft
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldEnglish Goat Curd1Fresh
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldEquinox17Wash Rind
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldLittle Lilly2Soft
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldSolstice17Wash Rind
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldThe English Pecorino7Ewe
White Lake Cheese LtdGoldShilling8Goat
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverEve19Flavoured
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverMichael's Mount9Vegetarian
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverSmoKing of the Castle16New Cheese
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverGlaston Tile1Fresh
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverWhite Nancy3Semi-Soft
White Lake Cheese LtdSilverDriftwood8Goat
White Lake Cheese LtdBronzeRachael Reserva4Hard
White Lake Cheese LtdBronzeSmoKing of the Castle18Smoked
White Wood Dairy LtdGoldSt.Helena11Raw Milk
White Wood Dairy LtdGoldSt.Helena13Raw Milk Farmhouse
White Wood Dairy LtdGoldSt Jude13Raw Milk Farmhouse
White Wood Dairy LtdGoldSt.Helena3Semi-Soft
White Wood Dairy LtdGoldSt Jude6Cow
White Wood Dairy LtdSilverSt Jude11Raw Milk
White Wood Dairy LtdSilverSt Jude Curd1Fresh
White Wood Dairy LtdBronzeSt Jude2Soft
Wicklow Farmhouse CheeseSilverSt Killian Camembert2Soft
Wicklow Farmhouse CheeseBronzeBallykilty Baking Brie2Soft
Yorkshire Dama CheeseSilverYorkshire Squeaky Cheese (plain original)1Fresh
Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese LtdGoldHoly Ewe7Ewe
Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese LtdGoldChevin Goat16New Cheese
Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese LtdSilverLeeds Blue3Semi-Soft


Award Winners 2024 Artisan Cheese Awards