Classes – 2024 Awards

There are 20 Classes for the 2024 Awards. A cheesemaker may  enter more than one cheese into each class. The same cheese may be entered into more than one class. 


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Class 1: Fresh
Class 2: Soft
Class 3: Semi-Soft
Class 4: Hard
Class 5: Blue
Class 6: Cow
Class 7: Sheep
Class 8: Goat
Class 9: Vegetarian
Class 10: Organic
Class 11: Raw Milk
Class 12: Farmhouse*
Class 13: Raw Milk Farmhouse
Class 14: Territorial**
Class 15: Protected Food Name***
Class 16: New Cheese****
Class 17: Washed Rind
Class 18: Smoked
Class 19: Flavoured
Class 20: Affinage

*Farmhouse: cheese made on the farm from the farmer’s own milk.

**Best British Territorial Cheese will include: Caerphilly, Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Dunlop, Gloucester, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale etc

***Best Protected Food Name Cheese will include: Beacon Fell Lancashire, Dorset Blue, Dovedale, Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop, Exmoor Blue, Orkney Cheddar, Single Gloucester, Staffordshire, Stilton, Swaledale, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, Yorkshire Wensleydale, Traditional Welsh Caerffili, Teviotdale Cheese, Buxton Blue, Bonchester Cheese.

****Best New Cheese, cheese launched commercially within the last two years ie launched after 1st January 2022